drarmp1t † (drarmp1t) wrote in adventchildren_,
drarmp1t †

Hey guys *waives* I been trying to make some icons since the last time I made my first icon post but I got distracted like 389472398 times so I ended up making them two months later *hides* Well I have a new batch and I'd like to share them with you ^__^ Oh and sorry if some of them are crappy. I made a few before I installed Photoshop so you'll know which ones are done on Photoshop or Paint :D And sorry for a very small amount of FFVII icons. Didn't really get a chance to find enough screencaps to make more :x

[21] Fruits Basket bases
[05] TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
[12] Miscellaneous
[04] Final Fantasy VII & VIII
[07] Kingdom Hearts 2
[49] Total


Go get `em here :]
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