X (pseudomachine) wrote in adventchildren_,

Photoshop + weird pairing seems to be the winner so far. I'll talk to the co-mods about it as soon as I can. Will update y'all soon.

Also, while I was on the subway to school and spacing out (probably drooling on myself), I was seriously zoning out on an idea of a Reunion. It'd be called Reunion, because the thought of it being called Reunion makes me giggle and bounce off of walls, but....

well, it'd be like what happened with Otakon last year. Maybe it can happen this year. Maybe we can have our Adventchildren_ Reunion. :|

Maybe rent a hotel room and pack everyone into it. LMFAO. Not like that's different than what actually goes on at Otakon!

Hmmmm. It would be fun. We could have name tags and everything, and of course, watch Advent Children. Somehow. And maybe do arts and crafts and baking. (.....) You know, making a giant Sephiroth head out of vegetables sounds like a pretty rad idea.

OK, BUT SERIOUSLY. I didn't pre-reg for Otakon because I had no intention of going, but.........

what do y'all think, out of those that think they'd be able to hopskipjump on over to Baltimore?

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