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Names have always fascinated me. And I do wonder, where did some from the Final Fantasy series come from? Some are easy, like Cait Sith being from mythology, Cloud being... a cloud. Tifa... I'm sure I could easily find that name in some odd-name name site, or maybe it's a Tiffany offshoot.

Kinda cute: meaning of Barret? "little hardy bear" according to one site. *g*

When looking up Yazoo I found he was the name of a band, an indian tribe, and... my favorite:
"Yazoo is the great tasting milkshake from Campina and comes in 4 fantastic flavours: strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla ice cream flavour." Anyone else wanna break into song? My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, my milkshake's better than yours...

And Loz? Cracks me up... I woulda never thought of THIS except it was the first thing to come up on wiki. *g*

So any other possibilities for Loz and Yazoo? Where did Square get the names? Why? And what about Kadaj? His name is too well linked to Advent Children for me to even bother googling and seeing what oddities, if any, pop up. And what about Sephiroth? Yuffie?

I'm sure names have been discussed before, so if anyone has links they wanna throw at me, I got my catcher's mitt ready.
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