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A little help please...

Er, can anyone help me (not mentally of course - I am too far gone for that)? I need this picture of Cid Highwind from AC

This is the shot I'm after  (scene = fighting the Bahamuk Sin and all the gang are reunited. Cid is talking about Sierra. Just before pointing up at the ship).

I need it to be a full size one though - as in the screen shot. However.. this is where it gets a little complicated. As I will be cropping it down, I need Cid's head mainly and it needs to be between 250-300 pixels long, because I need a 300pixel square picture to use. For example... Like this when I crop it down...


(Reno is always a good example..... for pictures anyway.)

If any one can link me to a picture or such then I would be most grateful - my DVD should arrive tomorrow - its early!!! But I need the piccy soonest.
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