pimp-chan (stfupimp) wrote in adventchildren_,

Calling all RPers. :D

Bored? Looking for a place to try out a new muse? Just wanna screw around for a bit in between all your other games? STFUniversity may be for you!



Hey there, welcome to STFUniversity! No one is quite sure what the STF stands for (it mostly just sounded cool), but who cares about that. Come on in and join the fun!

Somewhere in the far reaches of the universe, there is a world all its own that is simply a small city of collegiate individuals who attend STFUniversity. Many beings from all over come to this place in order to further their education or just pass the time (some of them finding alternate versions of themselves doing the same!) – the only thing you need to do to get into STFU is have a pulse, for the most part. (And some students probably don't even have that!) The school does not discriminate against age, race, species, or anything else of that sort, though most of its student body is composed of humanoid creatures.

It's a little difficult to get used to, but in the end, there's something for everyone.


STFU is multi-fandom, and also allows original characters. Multiple versions of the same character are also allowed, as well as modified characters – say, gender-switched, or something.

Obviously, this is not the most serious of RPGs – while there certainly can be rather engaging drama (ICly only, hopefully), the structure of this game is quite loose and relaxed. Think of it as a break from extremely concise and tight-laced ones – while those are fun in their own right, sometimes you just wanna kick back, relax and screw around a bit, you know? As the (rather anal) head moderator of another game, I know the feeling all too well. :) So let your muses run free and have fun!


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