Amy the Yu (amy_the_yu) wrote in adventchildren_,
Amy the Yu

Thought I'd share cause I'm weird

My friends came up with this joke while watching Advent Children at an event at my university last week held by the anime club. Everyone should know about how seiyuus (and every Japanese person I've ever met who wasn't fluent in English) have the tendancy to add a "u" sound to the end of words that don't end in a vowel.

Well this time, my friends decided that the pronounciation of "Sephiroth" was "Sephirothu" and therefore sounded like "Sephirawesome" (by some stretch of the imagination though)...which ended up as the giant retard of a joke which doubled as their nutshell description of the event.

I got bored yesterday and in my post-exam slacking time, I made this to amuse them. Images were randomly pulled off google search. Apparently my joke avatar was well received, so I thought I'd share. >_>;;

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