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FF7 Early File - Cloud's True Nature (1/3)

Alright, more of the Early File translations. I decided to tackle the biggest portion which is centered around the revealation about Cloud's true self. It's so big that I decided to post it in three portions as it is in the book. Today is the first half of the rough draft for the Mako Cave in the Northern Creator. It includes a lot of differences from the finished scene.... whole new takes on WEAPON, Sephiroth's puppetry, and a surprise appearance from a certain cast member.

Please understand that this is only the first of three and I'm posting them as I go. Things may be contradicted and corrected in later posts, just as they are in the game.

The Materia Space (※Note: In the Finished version, this is inside the Creator)

The space is a large realm of materia about 500 million cubic meters set up as a radial dome.
Within the center of the materia, is a huge singular piece.
This core is made of crystalized energy (The Ultimate Materia), and within there is a new existence.
This.....resembles Sephiroth's figure.
However, the body is completely naked, and seems to have a woman's curves upon closer inspection.

(.....*blinks* Sephiroth + Mako = Hermaphrodite? o_o; I'm not sure what to say about the idea of Sephia... (Sephia would be the feminine version of Sephiroth, as in normal usage, it's the singular form of the word - Mutliple Sephia = Sephiroth.)

Oh, and they don't actually give the units for the materia so I assumed that it was cubic meters as that makes the most sense for volume.)

Tifa: Should Meteor collide with the Planet, then it'll cause a Bing Bang......

Vincent: Now, before our eyes we see the new body of exsistence Sephiroth desires.
However, I don't know if Sephiroth summoning Meteor is the deciding factor here.
It is not exactly known how the knowledge of the Ancients is diffused into Mako energy.
Even with the secret magic of Meteor, and the possesion of the Black Materia,
without the ability to move himself about at liberty it makes a messanger nessecery.

Tifa: So that would be......Jenova?

Vincent:'s different.

Rufus: I see it's Sephiroth. It's just as you said.

Everyone turns around as Rufus enters.

(And just because it's funny... I love Tifa's reaction to Vincent's monologue. I mean... honestly...

Tifa: So that would be......Jenova?

Vincent: No......its different. Were you paying attention to my monologue? *inches hand toward gun to pistol-whip her*)


Rufus: So, there is the one you've come to meet, you should climb up there like good playthings.

(That is oddly appropiate if you know the big spolier about Rufus in Before Crisis.)

Red XIII: That's absurd. We can't even see around the circumference of this materia.

Within the 500 million cubic meters of materia something sinister (A monster) begins to awaken.

Red XIII: Sephiroth has an incredibly strong will.
So much so that the evil inherent in the Planet is pulled in by the force of this power.
And those evil intentions have crystalized themselves within the materia here.
This evil is fabricating itself into an army, it's only purpose to produce soliders.
These walls of materia, you could say, have been transformed into an egg shell.
With the smallest shock the materia could crack, and then the demons would awaken.

(Okay, now this is a very intriguing peice of exposition as it implicates Sephiroth has having had a hand in WEAPONs creation instead of them being a purely defensive measure by the Planet. Also, the comparison to an army is quite appropiate, ne? Now, I'd like to mention that part of this idea was incorporated into the novella, Voyage of the Madien, wherein Sephiroth's spirit travels the Lifestream collecting the souls of the black-hearted to increase his power.)


Cloud's appearance is odd. The user regains input at this point.
He is to be walked up to face Sephiroth's materia.
Depening on the button pressed, the user can make him display various emotions.
(Press the action button and) Cloud pierces the surface of the materia with his sword, and implants the Black Materia within.

(Personally, I think that's cooler than the final FMV.)

Tifa: Cloud! What are you doing? Stop it.
If you do that, Sephiroth will be able to recite the Meteor spell!

Tseng: Has he gone mad?

(Yes, you read that right. Tseng, present and accounted for, inside the Mako Cave. Proof that he was always meant to have lived perhaps?)

Rufus: No, that's not it. That's what the bastard's true nature is.

Red XIII: What are you saying!

Rufus: As Sephiroth said, his place in existence is not quite as a human.
He is the shadow side that Sephiroth has produced. (He turns to Cloud.)
Sephiroth should've died upon falling into the Mako reactor,
but he lived because his will must've carried him through it.
This result came about due to the existence of Sephiroth's shadow side.
Cloud, isn't that you?

(....I'm not going to say how and where that idea was reused for fear of spoilers, but I'm sure a good portion of you know.)

Cloud: For my will to be complete, it was necessary to acquire Meteor.
However, since I don't have the freedom to move around a messanger was necessary.
My strong will is as you said what produced Cloud's existence.
The memories that Cloud has are not actually Cloud's.
They're Sephiroth's memories.
The Cloud that has been produced from those memories is not the same substance as "Cloud's" appearance.
Sephiroth has confused his existence with a peice of memory.

(Wow.... it is terribly hard to communicate what's going on. First off, I hope you notice that Cloud is the one using "Watashi," which is used by Sephiroth when he's insane. But moreover... half way through the coversation they're both speaking in the third person. x_x; Or it's Jenova speaking through Cloud..... I'm not sure what is going on other than it's terribly confusing.

I'm not sure if I like this more than the "Cloud was created by Tifa's memories" plotpoint Sephiroth tried to work with. Personally, I think that one works a little better than this.....)

Rufus: And while it seemed like your intention was to hinder Sephiroth's ambitions,
on the contrary he was really just using you.

Cloud: Nevertheless, it was Cloud's duty to come here.

And that's all I have for today. Next up is Hojo's bonus scene. Again, any comments and questions are welcome. ^_^
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