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Go ahead... brick me. >_>

Just thought I would drop in and share with you all that a new, serious, post!Advent Children rpg community has opened up. It's called final_fightrpg, and character applications are now open.

Six months since the third passing of the once General Sephiroth, life for the inhabitants of Gaia has returned to normal with the threat of Geostigma abolished with the creation of the pond. ShinRa Electric Company slowly builds back the empire it once had to repay for the sins of nearly single-handedly destroying the planet and those of AVALANCHE have returned to their relatively normal lives once again. The world has gone quiet in relative harmony...

A recent news broadcast of an entire group of villagers disappearing without a trace that they had ever been was announced. Their homes left empty, investigations have turned up nothing save that there was no struggle and the people just... disappeared. At the same time, the planet finally shifted to bring back those which had lost their lives in the great war for Gaia, the taint of Jenova having finally been lost... only to be replaced with something far more sinister.

If you are interested, feel free to drop by and check out the character list and the rest of the information. =3
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