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I feel like i just found my true home!

Hi, i just joined today. Its a great joy to know that someone else has a passion in something so great. I love Final Fantasy VII, I grew up on this game and I love this movie with a passion. I have prepaid gamestop for the english version DVD. However, i by chance came a long a japanese version with english subtitles. I bought the movie immediately curious as to what i may ponder about. It gave me the access to change the subtitles in either swedish or english. When i chose either, it would still play swedish subtitles and a little english using the english language text. This really upset me and i want to return this DVD. Its either all or nothing. If anybody here can tell me if they have had this issue, can you please help me, by telling me how you were able to get english subtitles. Nothing is more authentic then hearing the japanese voices i figure and i still plan on buying the U.S. Version when it comes out in 2 months.
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