Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis (sakuragemeaux) wrote in adventchildren_,
Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis

Challenge me, people!

Okay. I am one bored chick and have horrible, horrible writer’s block with my KadajxYazoo fic, Iridium. So, to get my mind off that writer’s block, I am posting this.


I want people in this community to challenge me. Give me reason to write. I will write a one-shot FFVII fic for anyone who comments to this entry. There are a few rules, but they’re simple.

1. Supply either a character or couple. The couple can be of any kind; het, yaoi, yuri (though I warn you, I'm not a very good yuri-writer), even crack-couples.
2. Supply one sentence of the story to get me started. If you want to specify where in the story it will be (ie; start, middle, end), you may do so.
3. Tell me if you want it PG (cute and fluffy or somewhat depressing), PG-13 (little violence, lime, etc) or R (lemons, or angst-ridden)
4. Keep it within the game or Advent Children. I am so unfortunate that I have not seen Last Order or Dirge of Cerberus. So, if you want a Dirge of Cerberus fic, talk to someone else.
5. Be patient with me. I will eventually post the one-shots here for y’all to see, but I’m not a super-fast writer. I’m only human.

That said, it has begun.


PS: I may or may not put a limit to how many people I'll write the one-shots for. We'll see.
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