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First post

Hi to all of you ^^ This is my first post in this community although I've been lurking for quite some time now XD I'm a huge fan of "Advent Children" and an even huger fan of Kadaj X3 He's just too cute to be true *_* That's why I tried to make my first colorbar today and dedicate it to him *_* I'm very satisfied with how it turned out and hope that you'll like it ^^

Kadaj is sexy bitch love
made by toshi_hakari

Code: (without the Asterisks):
<*center><*img src="Your own account"><*br><*a href=""><*font size="2">Kadaj is <*s>sexy bitch<*/s> love<*/font size><*/a><*br>made by <*lj user=toshiya_chan><*/center>

Feel free to use it but please make sure that you upload the colorbar to your own server and insert the address into the code. ^^ Furthermore, you can change the text beneath the picture, but don't change anything about the code, like removing the "made by...". That's all ^.^ Enjoy!
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