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Hey guys and girls....
I recently purchased advent children in Oz by a copy at china town ( could not wait until the english local release ) and I have to say ..... WOW!! The best computer animated film I have EVER seen and a GREAT closing for the character of Cloud Strife. I just a few nagging questions I hope some people might be able to help me with....

1. The final move cloud finishes Sephiroth with - am I right in assuning it is modelled on the Knights Of The Round Materia found in the game? it looks very similar to me. great way to finish him off though!
2. I cannot work out why, after Kaja looks into the tear in the seal to see what is inside the box, that he freaks out and screams mother. Does that mean there was nothing in there to begin with like Rufus claimed? Or did the head/neck/thing of jenovah 'die' because there was no stillment liquid in it after all that time? I am just confused by it as there has to be 'something' in there still, cause next scene he opens the flask and takes something out ( neevr see what) and uses it to turn into Sephiroth.
3. Was anyone else pleased a bit how Cloud defeated the three clones without the materia, while they needed the materia to fight cloud, yet all three oculd not defeat him even with it? Must admit got a bit smug on cloud's part for that. Loved how he kicked Loz and yazoo's arses in the freeway fight, although the last section where he cut both their weapons in half went a bit too fast for me to see how he managed it.
4. Am I right in assuming the black wolf that kept popping up and intervals was ment to represent Zack pushing Cloud on? That's my take on it at least. Cool use of symbolism I thought.
5. A bit of a personal preference here, but I wish they used Yuffie, Red, Cid and Cat a bit more than they did in the film. I loved how they all joined up with Tifa and Cloud at the end but still, would have loved to have seen them used more than they were.
6. Was anyone else surprised at HOW they bought Sephiroth back? I thought it was quite cool, a bit of a mix of how it could have been done in the game and also various internet rumours that were circulating over the years as to HOW someone could bring him back and be on your side in the game, but I was JUST WTF when Kaja SUDDENLY morphed into him right in front of Cloud. And the look on Cloud's face when he realized who it was who stopped his fall...totally awesome stuff. And the fight between the two totally made the film in my opinion.
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