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[Fic] FF VII: Advent Children - Whispers

Title: Whispers
Author: xandrabelle
Pairing: Kadaj/Sephiroth (does this count as masturbation?)
Summary: Sometimes it's not good to listen to the whispers of a madman.

You're not real.

The whisper, disturbingly loud, echoed through Kadaj's consciousness, rocking the very core of his awareness. It might have prompted him to stumble from the suddeness if he hadn't grown used to it.

Mother likes me better.

Again the taunt, familiar with long repetition, devastating in its cruelty and certainity, a spur scratching raggedly upon his soul, upon which there was no possibility to remove, to disprove-- not until the Reunion.

Yes, the Reunion. Everything will be decided then.

Sometimes, Kadaj wondered if the voice spoke to his siblings as well, or if he was just that special in the solitary haunting. Not that he knew it was a haunting, all he knew was that the voice was as much a part of him as his hair, only more bothersome. It prompted and cajoled and Kadaj had no choice but to listen, and to search.

Yazoo and Loz seemed perfectly content to stay beside him in his headlong rush to find Mother, to achieve the Reunion, with a compulsion that he didn't truly know the reason for but with an urgency that mounted day by day. A rising pressure building deep within him, boiling up, ready to erupt with a destructive force but so far never actually cresting. It made him want to smash things.

Would you like it if I went away forever? Would you like to be all alone forever? The voice asked again in its ceaseless mocking whisper.

And Kadaj knew he didn't. He wanted to stay special. The voice knew it too, and laughed.


Notes: This is really short. Never written Kadaj before. Was trying for a creepy Sephiroth. Hope its not too awful.

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