Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis (sakuragemeaux) wrote in adventchildren_,
Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis

Pixel dolls galore

Y'all remember when I did those Yazoo and Loz pixel dolls? Well, I finally got around to doing one of Kadaj.

Base at
Aww...Kadaj is angsty. Who wants to cuddle him?

And if you don't remember the other two dolls, here they are:

Image hosted by
I still say it looks like he has C-cup boobs if you zoom in close enough. And the girly hips! Arghhhh!! -dies-

Image hosted by
And Loz is just...Loz. Totally screwed up on his outfit. That's me for you: too stupid to pay attention.

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