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Some Dirge Stuff

Hey folks!

Yes I know this is Dirge of Cerberus news, but it seems AC related as well. As some may already know, a new promotional video from Jump Festa '06 has surfaced on the net. The quality sucks ass, but there are some surprises (at least to me) that some may find...delightful :)

I found the news at You can download the file there.

As the site says, the song playing in the background is the game's main song, "Redemption" by Gackt. Which means the video itself is around 5 min long (or something like that).

And of course I also need to tell you what I think XD. I guess it's just the way I am *straps on already worn out bullet proof vest*. Oh ya, and of course since it's my opinion on the pv, there are spoilers so watch yourselves :P

CLOUD!!! *dies* And he does that cute thing with his shades that he did in AC! Very sexy amazing. So it seems that the whole Scooby Gang's back to fight the big bad, as usual (yes, I watch Buffy XD). Very cool to see everyone involved. And it's nice to finally see Gackt's character too - even though I could hardly actually see him. Oh well, we'll wait for better quality.

However watching this again really got me thinking. I love Avalanche. I love FF7. BUT I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE FF7-RELATED STUFF! Okay, I know you guys must think I'm insane, but in all honesty, I'm getting tired of seeing the same characters over and over. FF7 is my favourite game. It entertained me to no end and I love the characters. However the game is by no means the best FF out there, and there's nothing that says that it's the only FF that deserves to be pimped out like this. I love seeing the characters rendered with this quality of graphics, but honestly, it just feels like Square Enix is taking advantage of its fans and milking this one series for all it's worth. They obviously know how understandably weak most of us are and how willing we are to shell out our hard earned cash just to see these characters. Advent Children was needed. The way FF7 ended so crappily, the saga needed a decent ending and I felt that AC gave it that. Dirge of Cerberus is just uneeded fanservice - pretty, pretty, oh so pretty fanservice that I'll buy (or at least rent) in a heart beat once it comes out overseas, but fanservice nonetheless.

This is dangerous. Cuz you know what? Once something gets overexposed, it starts to lose ne sais quoi - that which made us love it in the first place. I mean just look at the Simpsons. It was amazing around its 4 and 5th seasons. The writing was brilliant and fresh and fun. Now the show's in its - what, 15th or so season? Sorry to all the Simpsons fans out there, but now, the series sucks ass - the stories are mostly Homer-centric and the humour has been down graded from actual wit to silly throw away slap stick jokes. I mean, the show's lost its heart! It just feels like the producers are dragging the show's dead carcass across the ground, simply for profit's sake.

I'd hate to see the same thing happen to FF7. I'd hate to see such an amazing title be relegated to something so devoid of life and meaning. From what I can see, there are only a set number of titles in the FF7 Compilation that are slated for release. But who's to say they won't look at its success and take it even further than that. FF7:After, FF7: Rebirth, FF7: Forever.

...and ever, and ever and ever.


Honestly, I wish they'd put as much effort into getting FF12 out, and making sure it isn't a huge disappointment. And, even if for some reason they feel the need to go back into the past, can't they try a DIFFERENT FF? Like one of the old school ones, FF4 maybe. That was an amazing game. I don't see what makes FF7 so much more deserving than it.

But whatever. I still do love FF7, as always, it's my favourite game and I will at least check out the compilation (or most of it - I still haven't touched FF7: BC, I don't even know what it's about nor do I care). But hopefully after all of those titles have been finished and released Square will be able to move on from their drunken FF7 haze.

As always, my opinions are my own. You're welcome to disagree but I must warn you, any rudeness will be promptly ignored and forgotten forever, so yeah, I wouldn't waste my time flaming :).

Even though I couldn't see his face clearly, I could tell that Gackt's character is just as much of a prima donna as he is (LOL)!! What an interesting character he'll make XD

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