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Dirge of Cerberus Promotional video TGS 05 PV in Hi-Res

Click to download (Rapidshare)

Vincent: "The baby in your stomach... Using it for experimentation... Do you... Do you really want that?"

Vincent: (I only watched... I couldn't stop her...)

Vincent's Phone:

Fr: Reeve
Sub: Let's meet up in Kalm

A Revival Festival is being held in the town of Kalm.
It's a festival to celeberate the fact that revival from the damage caused by Meteor three years ago is finally complete.
After, we can have a nice talk.
The inn is already being prepared here, so please try to enjoy the festival a little.

Shelke: "Where is it? The Ancient Materia..."

Azul: "Sieger, Weiss..."

Cait Sith: "Let's drive 'em outta town!"

Rosso: "It's the beginning of the end."

Rosso: "Three years ago, what do you think we did when we gained our freedom...? We killed each other!! By bathing in the blood of several thousand SOLDIERs, I survived. Because of that, I thought... that I could kill all the people in the world... You too can understand this, can't you?"

Vincent: "... I cannot."

Woman: "Everything is connected to Dr. Lucrecia. Do you think this is all a coincidence?"

Man: "Now, all over the world, the hunt has begun."

Man: "The Weapon born of tainted life. Recover it without fail."

Woman: "Only that Chaos, Omega, and..."

As always, source and credit to adventchildren.net
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