I HAVE A NEW JOURNAL: Metal_Chocobo! (save_the_king) wrote in adventchildren_,
I HAVE A NEW JOURNAL: Metal_Chocobo!

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Veni Veni Venias, Ne Me Mori Facias

I'm so glad to join! Well, where do I begin?
I'm Kerri and I'm DYING to see Advent Children. I just got Broadband so I finally got to see the preview fluently and it leaves me breathless each time I see it.

First off, I must know who is in that wheelchair. Could it be Sephi with Mako Poisoning like Cloud had in Mideel? Thats my one theory, I don't know who else it could possibly be.

Second off, tell me Tifa is not HOT!! She was kicking so much--

I'm sorry, I'm so excited.

I'm replaying FF7 in hopes of learning some more things. I never understood HOW Jenova could give birth to Sephi but now I know she's not his mother--Lucrecia gave birth to him he just got injected. Things are very confusing.

So I don't know how to begin or introduce myself. Sorry. :(
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