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Okay, so I was going through my doujinshi earlier... and I discovered my lone AC doujin I'd forgotten all about. :p I got it back at Easter when I was in Japan (when we were still hoping for a release date around that time ;__;), as I saw it, and had to buy it.
...obviously since it was a long time before the film's release, the doujin actually has very little to do with AC itself - more just kind-of uses the character designs. :p But it's nice anyway, so thought I'd share.

It appears Cloud is sneakily planning the elimination of everyone with massive swords. :p I can see Sanosuke from Kenshin and Ichigo from Bleach crossed out... not sure about the others. XP

Cloud is very angry about something. :p Tifa's saying something about Cloud and Vincent, but my kanji's rubbish so can't tell what.

Gaaaah! It seems Cloud has some insane money making scheme to do with Sephiroth, and is in cahoots with Vincent. Or something. :p

And in another, completely unrelated story, we have a half-naked Sephiroth. ;)

Shokku! Cloud's all 'Sephiroth!', Yuffie's all 'materia!', and Vincent is quite stoic as usual. But what's going on? Couldn't say. :p Although, I'm pretty sure it's because they saw...

...this. I never said this dj was normal. :P Sephiroth, um, nude. Casually reading a pamphlet of some sort.

Random cool image from near the back.

And just because it's CUTE. You cannot deny.

Aand the back cover. Obligingly filling your shota-y bloody Cloud needs.

Please forgive the slight blurriness on some; unfortunately I don't have a scanner with me, so these are digicam shots. :/

eta; if people would be interested, I could always scan it (and do the whole thing, this time) once I get home for Christmas.
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