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some random bloke

Finally something new has risen! a new scan from

In a scan from the latest issue of V-Jump, there is a large image of a woman in a pink dress. She remains nameless, but looks very much like Aerith. So far, there has been only one scene concerning Aerith shown in FF7AC, and was obviously a flashback, in which Cloud lays the dead Aerith into the lake. Whether she is to make a comeback in FF7AC or that she is someone else remains unconfirmed. It should be noted that Cloud is wearing his AC outfit in the picture. There are two pictures of Reno as well, and Cloud, Reno and Rude can be seen together in one of them. At the very bottom a child named Denzel is shown, and he seems to be one of the orphans who lives with Tifa. Finally Fantasy VII: Advent Children will appear sometime in 2004 in Japan on DVD and UMD (for Sony's PSP). Upcoming issues of Japanese magazines should offer further information to these images.
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