houkiboshi (houkiboshi) wrote in adventchildren_,

Toshiyuki.. making a fangirl's dream come true since 2005

Ok, I'm not one for spammy posts.. but I'm feeling cracky so..

As most seiyuu fans know, Toshiyuki Morikawa is Sephiroth's seiyuu in Advent Children. He also has a role (well, more like three) in the anime series BLEACH, which are Kurosaki Isshin (my brain breaks a little here..), Tsubaki and Tousen. Anyway the point: in a DVD Musical special there was an extra called "Bleach Love Simulation Game" in which a lot of characters declared their love in different ways.. and yep, Toshiyuki got to declare himself as Tousen, using his Sephiroth voice. (Well, he sounds pretty much like Sephiroth to me XD or does he?)

So I made a clip, complete with fangirl screams. (Sorry for the sound, I couldn't make it better)

So yeah, if you're a Sephiroth fangirl you could just pretend he is the one saying it, I know I did.. and oh lord did I laugh :P

If this is out of place, please feel free to delete it :).
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