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Alright folks, got somethin' for ya. If this has been posted here recently, lemme know and it's gone.

A lot of you might have already seen/read this, but I thought that for those who haven't, it might be interesting. Basically, it's a detailed FAQ about certain confusing aspects of FFVII and Advent Children. Incredibly informative and in-depth, I wonder now if this guy has a life or not... but for the sake of curious otaku, I'm glad he's as nerdy as he seems to be. =P

Keep in mind that a lot of this is his own theory, BUT he manages to back 95% of it up with references to the game, and even a few game/movie screenshots thrown in. It's excellent for newbs to AC, newbs to FFVII, and even veterans who were still a little "duh??" on some parts of the game and movie... like me. Aheh.

Here it be: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/657/657331p1.html

Again, keep in mind that much of this is theory-based. He's not saying anything here is absolute, so don't be all "OMG WTF that's not true he's retarded WUT!"

Anyway. That's all.

*slinks away*

PEE ESS - Don't mind the crappy formatting in the FAQ. It's not very reader-friendly ((I say this because we're usually spoiled with colors, bold, and italics everywhere)), so you kinda have to keep an eye out for topic changes and such. =P
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