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I'm back!

Thanks to all the people who said my doodles didn't suck even though they do xD And now I'm back with the requested um..scribbles. Already! See, I told you I was bored. So I'm sorry to all the people that asked (these ones suck worse!!) and I'm sorry Tetsuya Nomura for shaming your beautiful characters ;____; I promise I'll do some real ones when I have the time ^.^

Reno & Elena (for xcherry_blossom)
Tseng & Elena (for red_nyte_dancer)--Sorry! This one's the worst xDDDDD'''
Loz, Kadaj & Yazoo (kidogirl asked for Loz)--Again, sorry! I can't draw Loz xD
Cloud & Zack (vollykins asked for Zack)
Sephiroth (for seitokaichou)--Um..it kinda looks like Touga?? And zomg he's naked! xD

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