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uh-oh, some AC parody subs!!

ahahaha okay hey guys. Advent Children spoof subtitles seem to be popular these days, and when you watch the movie like 30+ times you can't help but want to write stupid joke text for it, AM I RIGHT? Okay. I gave it a shot. I just did this for fun, but thought it might be worth sharing if anyone is interested or needs an excuse to watch the movie again. :(

Contains "lol FF7-is-a-game" type humor because that's funny to me :( + stupid references and quotes and A Goth.

Warnings for: swearing, child-hating, the word 'penis', and the gay jokes that no AC Subtitle Spoof set is complete without.

*A* I think Yuffie was the most fun to write.

Screenshot samples and the .ssa download are under the cut~
Thanks if you decide to check it out. :Y I changed like 95% of the dialogue so I hope it's worth your while.

The cut, things are under itCollapse )
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