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An AMV for you all!

Hi, I'm new around here, but I wanted to post an AMV that I made of Advent Children.

FFVII:Advent Children - Unforgiven
(Animemusicvideos.org link)

Song: 'The Unforgiven' by Metallica
Length: 6:35 - damn, it was a long song. x.X
Made with the only thing I have - Windows Movie Maker. Which is probably why the video is a little spastic in some places...no matter how many transitions I used and what quality I saved it at...bah. -.-;;

Well, I hope you like it! ^_^

Also, I was wondering if anyone knows of some Advent Children layouts that I could use. Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks!

.Edit. Linked to YSI (I forgot to realize that people might not be able to DL it from animemusicvideos.org ^^;;;)
YSI Link
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