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Was just watching LO lately...

Apologies if this has been brought up before.

I was going through LO to get some screencaps of Sephiroth when I noticed something. As Sephiroth is falling into the mako pool in the reactor, when the screen cuts to a closeup of his face...

... he's crying.

I'd thought I'd noticed some tears before, but I'd always sorta written them off as just the light and hadn't taken a close look at them. But sure enough, there they were... inescapable. Sephiroth is CRYING.

I think that just makes the scene all the more poignant; he looks so happy with his mother that he's weeping in joy. It gives his character this almost tragic nuance, especially when juxtaposed with the file picture Tseng has and the shot of him with Zack and Tifa, both of which depict him as rather sad looking and lonely. With Jenova, he's finally found a home.

It almost makes up for them changing the end of the Cloud/Sephiroth fight.

Was I the only one who didn't notice the tears right away?

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