Amanda (fathoms_deep) wrote in adventchildren_,

Animation Peeves

Cloud's face: Why is it that from frame to frame for the first 30-50 minutes of the movie, Cloud has almost no difference in facial expressions. It's just frustrating because during the "Defeated by our Memories" scene type thing with Tifa, I couldn't see a damn thing on my computer..and I wanted to get every bit of Cloud's tortured, angsty fce I could.. but i couldn't.. he was almost impassive save but for eyes, which I could barely see.

Also, some people's animation was better than others. Vincent's... he's very pretty. But he doesn't smile. He doesn't do *anything*. Just frowns and/or blank stares with that intense, focused gaze of his.

Loz's animation always seemed to be pretty cool. Just the way his face was. So mean. Angry. pet peeve: his eyes look red-rimmed all the time like he really *is* a cry-baby and spends maybe ten minutes out of every day shooting up on heroin or bawling his eyes out.

but then, Loz is probably meant to look like a crazy, sexy crackhead.

There's an absurd lack of full body shots of people walking... just bits and pieces. Plus the scenes seemed to switch back and forth too much, 'camera angles' a bit wild... know what I mean?

I still love the movie to death. But sometimes I wish I had a little control board to make my eyeballs stop hating me whenever I finish the movie.
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