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I'm new. :D

And I come with gifts! Mostly artsy stuff that I've drawn in the past. I wanted to share some of it with you guys.

Tseng and Elena.
Tseng and Elena as chibis. :D

Reno and Rufus.
Reno and Rufus chibis.

The many faces of Reno. XD
The many faces of Reno. xD

Slightly crackish. o.O
A crack chibi of Reno with a broken rod. Don't. Ask. XD

Eheh. >>;
o_o; Uhm. Just one of those office affairs. There's nothing to see here, folks. >_>

BC Tseng and Elena (?)
Before Crisis. Heh.

More crack!
Another crack sketch. Reno's so drunk he's trying to consume the beer through his eye. LMAO.

Crappy attempt at realism.
My attempt at realism. *sobs*

Larissa and Reno.
My original character Larissa partnered up with Reno in a photoshoot. Don't kill me. O_o;

And that's all, folks. :D
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