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Because I had to...

after reading shadow_sasuke's post, I had to dig out my yaoi sampler CD for the purpose of sharing the sex scene from the Haru wo Daiteita Drama CD. And while I'm at it, I'll give you guys four MP3's from the yaoi game Gakuen Heaven (Between the Sheets has been posted twice before, but oh well, it rocks so it's here again) because that game includes Miki, Morikawa, Sakurai Takahiro, and Kenichi Suzumura (Or Sephiroth-Squared, Cloud, and Zack) I throughly suggest you check it out.

But for those who are curious, the zips, MP3's and a bit more on Gakuen Heaven are all under the cut. ^_^

Okay, Gakuen Heaven MP3's first. For those that want to save time, just get the zip. But I also have them for individual DL right here -

Between the Sheets - Morikawa. Done as his character Nakajima, the Student Council Vice-President who will fuck you with a pen and make you beg for more, bitch. His song is undeniably gay and dirty. And that's why we like it.

Love☆Romance - Miki. Done as Naruse who is the single most sweet seme I have ever seen. (and that's why I adore him) This song is really really really fruity. There are lines like "So! Sweet! Honey!" in it. You have been warned.

Always - Sakurai. Done as Endou, the slighty too-touchy-feely best friend who's tagline is "Tomodachi da ro?" (Yes, the same as Zack's line. Freaky). Just your average sweet angstless love song here. o_O; how odd....

Try & Go! - Kenichi (+ Kawakami Tomoko (Utena from RGU/SKU)) Done as Taki, the Kansai-boy who will do anything for money which leads to... you know. Bouncy techno with Kenichi at the top of his range. Lots of fun.

Okay, okay, and now for what you've been waiting for -

Kato(Miki)/Morikawa (Iwaki) from Haru wo Daieita - The lovin' sounds start at about 5:30 on the track. Have fun imagining what's going on. ^_^

*Puts on her pimp hat and struts*
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