Seitokaichou (seitokaichou) wrote in adventchildren_,

+ And now it's my turn to ask. +

I don't know if this is another glitch, but in the subtitled version I read the name - Shion. Who is he? My friend corrected me when I said that he was the same guy with the long black hair who fired the net simultaenously with Elena to break their shacho's fall. I can't help but be confused in regards to who actually got assaulted in the Northern Crater at the beginning of the movie. All I know is that Vincent saved the injured Turks. And basing it from a scene between Kadaj and Rufus, the blood-stained IDs belonged to Elena and this mysterious long black-haired guy. The name Tseng rings a bell but my memory is not that sharp to remember every detail from the FFVII game. ::sighs:: Was the long black-haired guy really Tseng?

Doumo arigatou! ::bows::

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