verdhandi (verdhandi) wrote in adventchildren_,

Tired of artpad yet?

After my first try at artpad failed horribly (my browser died after I finished and saved the picture I had been drawing for half an hour just when it was providing me the link.. so my Cloud-Sephiroth-battle-scene travels aimlessly through the endless servers of right now T-T) I decided to give it a second try... and I was rewarded! This time it worked and I was able to produce a neat picture of Kadaj. Uhm... his hair is... like waving in the wind or sth.
I recommend setting the speed to fast. It's a bit rough at some spots and you notice by the strands of the hair that I used a mouse but overall I am satisfied with it :)

Oh yes and thanks for all the nice comments on my Cloud Kadaj Mini-Doujinshi I posted a while back :) It made me really happy! (can be found here if you haven't seen it yet

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