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FF7: AC Interactive

I'm sorry if this has been posted before-- this is sort of old news, but I don't know how many people know. ^^;

Anyway, Squarenet reports that the version of AC that is being released for the PSP is called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Interactive.

The following information is from and was posted by Vegnagun on the Gamefaqs' Advent Children board.

- What is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the direct sequel of Final Fantasy VII, a popular PSX game. Advent Children, however, is a movie--not a game--that will be released on DVD.

- What is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Interactive?
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Interactive is a nickname for the game--YES, it is game--that will be appearing on the PSP. It is basically the Advent Children movie with a smaller resolution so that it can be watched on the PSP, and played on the PSP.

- 'Played'? What do you mean?
I wish we knew. The most likely way to play the game will be by participating in battles you are able to actually fight in every time someone in the movie ends up battling, or choose what will happen in an upcoming scene, perhaps changing the very course of the movie's story. But, keep in mind that we just don't know, and this is all speculation. However, it is a fact that it will be an interactive product somehow, and therefore a game.

- What is the PSP?
PlayStation Portable, Sony's new and very impressive toy. With near-PS2 graphics, it will become the best handheld gaming device ever created.

- When are the release dates for Advent Children and Advent Children Interactive?
Assuming the two will be released at the same time or near the same time, Summer 2004. Only Advent Children has been confirmed to be making a Summer 2004 release, however.

- Will these two products be shipped overseas to America and Europe?
America? Yes. Europe? We just don't know.

- Will I need Advent Children in order to play Advent Children Interactive, or vice versa?
No. These two products will be able to act separately. I prefer to compare them to Final Fantasy VIII to Chocobo World, the PocketStation game.

- What is Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis?
Before Crisis is a cellphone game that will star The Turks. It will be available in both Japan and America, since Square-EnixUSA recently created a partnership with Sprint, and therefore mobile games such as this will be supported. There is no release date for Before Crisis as of now.

-End -

I am excited to hear that Before Crises is coming to America.... I am really looking forward to it, and it will give me an excuse to buy a cell phone! Heh...
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