Lilibet Primrose (irisangel) wrote in adventchildren_,
Lilibet Primrose

Requests and questions...

Does anyone have a link to where I could download Last Order and Advent Children (actually I already have AC, but I just discovered last night that my next door neighbor loves FFVII like whoa and wants it for her computer as well, but the site I used no longer has it or I'm just stupid ... probably the second one there)?

I had a friend over to watch AC yesterday and therefore my room mate, who has no idea what FFVII is all about, watched it as well. When it was over, she said, "I had no fucking idea what was going on, but Aeris was pretty. Tifa too." She really does tolerate me and my fangirlness pretty well. I should bake her cookies to thank her for that.

Is there a reason why Aeris's name is never mentioned in the movie? It makes me feel like she pulled a Tidus (because it drove me nuts that FFX's game design made it impossible for the other characters to say his name and then that terrible X-2 kept it going, which made me wonder why Yuna was so driven to find a guy whose name she couldn't even remember).
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