Akemo (gaiaschilde) wrote in adventchildren_,


so I finally got too see Advent Children. I think I have to change my pants, and the seat im on (err.. sorry) and i'm totally psyched

but im stupid, so I have a couple questions?

cut incase someone hasn't seen the movie

1. Who was the wolf? Was that supposed to be like the spirit of Aeris or something?
2. Is the boy CloudxTifa's son? It seems that way but I'm just thinking he seems close to age with Marlene and she was already like, a little girl in FF7.. and it's only two years later so he'd be like 2? much confusion lol


ps. Does anyone have an animated icon i could use of the scene where sephiroth goes 'ill never be a memory' and turns back into Kadaj? that'd be awsome
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