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The chant thingomajigger.

Someone was talking about the lyrics to a song before, and I know I posted this AGES ago, but I'm just posting this again.

It plays in the beginning of the movie when Marlene is talking, and at that scene, you know, where you may feel inclined to shed a tear or two..

"Cur in terra corde erremus?
Cur in terra corde laboremus?
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Terra arum imperarum quo vis?
Carus canus consors Evae corde ...?
Dii amoris in stella fuerunt.
Anima sacrificare necesse est.
Cur in terram in terra erramus?
Cur media medimus in terra, dii?"

Translation had been avilable, but they're from a post from ages ago... XP
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