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The Advent Children/FF7 OTP Essay of Teh DOOM

Somebody else posted a link to a wonderful interview with Nomura and a bunch of other guys about Advent Children. You can get the rest of the interview from here, but there's one thing that totally stuck in my mind - and I think it answers a question we've all been asking... I added the bolding in the interview myself, for emphasis.

oh, please keep in mind this is my opinion essay so nobody shoot me for it. Feel free to disagree, but honestly, this is just how I feel, I'm not attacking anyone in particular...

Warning: Advent Children Spoilers!!

Evasive Answers
A collection of novellas written by Kazushige Nojima have been released to fill in the two year gap between Final Fantasy VII and AC. Despite the character developments and interactions described, much of what happened is still left to fan's imaginations.

A Final Fantasy VII fan interviewed Tetsuya Nomura for Dorimaga magazine and asked "Which girl does Sephiroth love?". In reaction, Nomura spoke evasively in anticipation of more questions regarding Cloud and Tifa's love life, which have nothing to do with Sephiroth.

Tetsuya Nomura:
What kind of question is that? I've never thought about it. Honestly, I don't care who loves whom. I think you could imagine the scenerios that we don't mention however you want to. You could enjoy talking about that with friends. For example, I was frequently asked if there had been romantic relationship between Tifa and Cloud for two years, after FF7 ended, but I don't have any clue.

Yeah, that was my favourite part of the interview. And in all honesty, Nomura = my hero.

By the way, who the hell was the flake who asked a genius director about Sephy's love life? That's all well and good for fandom, but to actually ask this guy such a moronic question almost makes me embarassed to be an ff7 fangirl.

Anyway, time for my opinion essay thingy.

I think this part of the interview sheds light on the OTP (One True Pairing) in FF7. What is the OTP?


There is none.

Seriously, talking about the romantic aspect of FF7 is fine, Nomura himself endorses that. And saying, "I think Cloud works better with so and so" is fine. But I guess this just proves that there is no final and definite answer as to who Cloud loved in the game and in AC, if any. It's obvious that he won't end up with Aeris, of course, since Cloud doesn't hump water-logged dead girls, (as far as we know). But who his true love was, or if he even had one is still up in the air. So is, as some might argue against, the question of whether he'll even get with Tifa in the future (who by staying alive, I suppose 'won' by default). Why? Because FF7 does not exist after Advent Children. When the story ends, it ends. There is no 'Tifa and Cloud did this in the future' unless it's officially stated by Squeenix people. Therefore Cloud and Tifa's future is non-existent, and is thus left to total and complete open interpretation of the fans. Anything, and I mean anything can happen in the future. He and Tifa can get married. Or he can remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. Or hell, he could meet someone else. Or die. Who knows, it doesn't exist though, so no one can say for sure what will happen.

I guess what I'm against here are people saying, "OMG CLOUD LOVES ___, DUH!!!" and bashing other pairings saying, "YOU TOTALLY DON'T GET THE GAME, OF COURSE CLOUD DOESN'T LOVE ___!!!" I doubt most people still do that, but I have seen some people prone to reinacting the foolish ship wars that started when the game first came out (fandom has calmed down a bit since then...I hope). However, I am aware that many people see every movement of the characters, especially in AC, as some sort of validation and solid, irrefutable proof that their pairing is the OTP.

For example, during the scene in Advent Children where Sephiroth asked Cloud what was the most important thing to him, a few scenes flashed in his mind, showing Aeris, Zack, Tifa, and the kids. I distinctly remember some Cloti fans saying, "see, there was one extra scene of Tifa, so that definitely means that Cloud loves Tifa more!!!".

Come now.

Do you really think that the director and animators actually put in that 'extra' scene to specifically show just how omgintruwuv Cloud is with Tifa? And by the way, there were actually more scenes of Aeris, not Tifa. Three scenes to be exact, or at least that's what I saw by looking at the screenshots. The two shots of the scene where Aeris helps toss Cloud up to Bahamut (their hands touching, and her being reflected in his eyes), one where she was praying. Whereas, it seems Tifa only had two shots, one by herself and one with the kids. Of course, I don't think that fact supports Cleris in any way either. The very notion that it would, to me, is absolutely insane.

No one can claim OTP on their pairing because Nomura designed it in such a way that the game is completely open to analysis and interpretation. That's just the way it is. That shouldn't stop people from supporting a particular pairing, oh no. But it hopefully should stop certain people within ships from making rude and abrassive comments about theirs and other ships (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just head on over to Harry Potter fandom and check out the shipping flame war that's going on. It's mostly Harry/Hermione fans vs. Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny fans. It ain't pretty. Thankfully, FF7 shippers seem to be more

Anyway, that's it. Opinions are nice, discussions, whatever. But no one burn me alive for my humble opinions. I mean you can, I guess. But, I won't really care so you'll probably just end up waisting your time ;)

PS - I'll probably post this up in ff7ltdiscussion once I actually join.
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