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I know I asked this already but...

I thought that since a lot of time has passed from when it was first made available, a translation might have already been made for Final Fantasy VII: Reminiscience (I know I probably spelled that wrong, but meh). You know, the video that has all of the scenes from the original FF7 game, along with new phone conversations between Cloud, Barret, Yuffie, Cid, Vincent and Tifa? Does anyone know where I can find translations of these phone convos??? Somebody somewhere must have something....

Oh, and the making of video...has it been subbed?

Edit: lol I guess some people dont know what Im talking about.' Basically...

Special Features (of the Advent children DVD) - Japanese:
Director's Commentary
• Scene Selection
Reminiscence of FFVII
• Compilation of FFVII Trailers
- Advent Children
- Before Crisis
- Dirge of Cerberus
- Crisis Core

Reminiscence of FF7 basically shows all the important parts of the game (CG and otherwise) together to the FFVII main theme, Aeris' theme, Sephiroth's theme, Tifa's theme, and...I think that's it. In between each theme, there's a little segment of Cloud driving (well, you don't actually see Cloud, you only see the road and assume that he's on his delivery run) and talking to various people on the phone. Just what he's saying though, I have no clue, since the version I got is in Japanese.

I downloaded it from a file that somebody on this community uploaded on yousendit. I have no clue who it was or when it was, so hopefully if that person reads this post they can upload it again or something (I don't know how to do it, otherwise I would).

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