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Doujinshi... kind of thing?

Ah, I am pretty nervous about posting this here ^__^;
It's my first doujinshi ever. (Well, it's only 2 pages anyways XD)

It's a little flashback kind of story out of Kadaj's and Cloud's childhood. Don't ask me how that fits into any plot in existence... it just came to my mind this afternoon and wouldn't let me go until I was done drawing it. It's a little bit sad I think. I think this little story could be a memory of Kadaj that he remembers during his last scene in the movie.

Apologies for the bad quality of the pics. I don't have a scanner anymore so I had to take pictures of the pages with my digicam. Whatever whatever... here come the pictures! (reading direction is from left to right)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

If my drawing skills were insufficient to understand wtf is going on: Kadaj is hiding under some kind of debris-hill because he is afraid of rain. Cloud comes to take him home because the others (most likely Yazoo and Loz.. or maybe Kaasan?) are looking for him.

So yep. That's about it.
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