Blur Baby Sotong (fossilang3l) wrote in adventchildren_,
Blur Baby Sotong

Asking for screencapy (making Icon)... DONE!

Funny thing happened today

I was in lecture today, and my professor was going 'gay-bite', 'gay-bite' when it was supossed to be 'giga-byte'.
The 'gay-ness' lead to the thought of balls.
Which lead to the thought of Yuffie and balls.
Which then lead to 'ball-less' Cloud....
At that moment I snickered at that thought (and almost get into trouble with my lecturer who was RIGHT in FRONT of me. I blame the 'ball' icon I made last night)

Anyway, I'll be coming out with an icon based on that inspiring when I get home, unless someone can get me a cap (or a few) of where cloud get stab by Sephy, the sword in shoulder part. It's the only part I'm missing, and I don't have the show on my laptop to cap it myself. Then I have to scale down the size of the file (Damn the 40kb limit.)

The file size was going waaaayyyy over the limit (and it's still incomplete. Gosh!) so I cap it down to 1/2 the idea I wanted to do. But do watch out for a version 2 (after I figure how to squeeze the whole thing together)
Image hosted by
Edited 2
Yeahhh it's done. Thanks to hydrangea or this ver.2 icon would take 3 hour+ (going home) to complete.

Image hosted by TinyPic.comNOT LJ Friendly (75.4kb)
Image hosted by TinyPic.comLJ Friendly (40kb)

Edited 3
I just realised how very difference pictures look on my laptop then on home desktop. My laptop makes every picture look good. My Desktop is more honest (O.o)
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