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Carl Orff = Sephiroth fandom

I didn't know this before, but the origin for the original One-Winged Angel is Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. I haven't heard it before, but my mom, who strongly dislikes everything anime-realated (and therefore Sephiroth), says it sounds just like "that freaky song you like". (Told ya. -_-') It basically has all the lyrics, albeit out of order, in the song (except of course for the word Sephiroth).

Here's the link:

The song lyrics are contained in parts 11, 20, and 25.

THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! ^_^ I'm going to go buy the CD of it if I can. It's probably either at our Borders or Barnes & Noble book stores.

Just a random thought: I don't really like the new version of One-Winged Angel all that much, musically speaking. I mean, it's okay, but they added new melodic parts, and I'm so uber-confused. I found the lyrics/translation on, I think, so I'll try to learn this one, also. Yes, I learned all the words by heart to the original, and can play part of it on the piano. I love singing it, opera-style and everything. ^_^ (I'm a chorus nerd, it's true.)

So, any thoughts?

Oh, and if anyone finds the lyrics/sheet music to "The Promised Land" (the opening song there Marlene narrates), PLEASE, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!! I so want to be able to sing it. Right now, I'm stuck humming it and trying to pick out parts on the piano. When a song's in SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) format, it's hard to hear all the parts individually!!
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