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Hey, new here. Yadda yadda. I saw AC the other day. Fantastic movie. =) Reno I think was by far my favorite character. He made me smile. I should be getting a copy of it soon from a friend of mine. Can't wait! :D And once it comes out on DVD here I'll most definately buy it. Just to watch Reno on a bigger screen than a moniter! I think a few of y'all can relate to my Reno love. ;)

And just a quick question that I hope y'all don't find too weird or off-topic.

Buuuuuut. Does anyone know where I can get some downloads of hairs and clothing for characters from AC for the Sims 2? Particularly of Reno and the other Turks? (I looked on modthesims2, and all I found was a few good Clouds/Sephiroths, but everthing else I found wasn't to my liking). Thanks! If this is too off topic I'll delete it. =)
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