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FFVII Campaign looking for players

Hey everyone,

A friend and I are starting an FFVII RPG game/campaign soon and are in need of players.
The game will be held on sunday evenings and we are looking for mature ( in the head and above 18 preferably ), creative and dedicated gay/ni/lesbian and/or gay friendly players.( we can even accept a few rabid yaoi fangirls :P )

The game itself will start two years after Advent Children and will loosely make use of the Returner's FFRPG Engine ( )

You're a nub at the FFRPG engine? Not a prob, I can show you the ropes.

Keep in mind this is not a by-post RPG, we will gather every sunday evenings ( around 7 or 8 PM EST ) on mIRC and hold a 3-4 hours gaming session. It will be roleplay and character interaction/development heavy... so if you're a kick in the door, kill everything in sight kind of player, stop reading here and move on to the next entry.

Character Creation will be very permissive as long as requests are serious and reasonable.
Exemple of Reasonable Requests: '' Can I be a Cetra? '' '' Can I own a motorcycle? ''
Exemple of Unreasonable Requests: '' Can I be Sephiroth's Reincarnation? '' '' Can I own the Highwind? ''

Places are limited ( looking for maybe 5-6 players max )

The game setting is behind the cut ( Beware... it's a long read )
PS: Try not to mind the SP errors if there are any as it's 3AM and my proofreading skills are pretty much dead.

Final Fantasy 7 - Shadows
Timeline: 2 years after the Advent Children events


The world as we knew it ceased to exist; 4 years ago, a cataclysm left the world in shambles after Midgar, the very financial and population concentration center of the planet was wiped out. Countless people perished that day. The survivors tried to piece their lives back together by building Edge, a city on the outskirt of Midgar. Shortly after, the first signs of what would be known as the Star Scar Syndrome ( Geostigma ) appeared, later turning into a grave worldwide viral outbreak. It would only be two years later that the people of the world would know their first time of peace since the great cataclysm, as a group of young people fought alongside to protect Edge from elusive enemies who came and went in only one day, bringing with them terror and destruction. Strangely enough, it was also on that day that the remedy for the Geostigma was found when a strange and warm rain fell down over Edge and cured all that would come in contact with it. It didnt take long for scientists to sample and clone the curative water, sending it to the 4 corners of the planet. That day marked the beginning of peacefull times... but no one knows for how long it will last.

*The Current State of The World*

The Eastern Continent

Midgar and Edge - After the cataclysm left midgar in ruins, the survivors, with Shin-Ra's financial help, started building what would be one of the most bustling cities on the planet. In constant expension, Edge has now its very own solar electricity field set high in the southern mountain range, a fully functional subway network and is also working in parternship with Kalm to create and export various mythril goods. It's industrial sector is in constant expansion and Shin-Ra even rebuilt a large building in it's commercial square. However, all is not happy in Edge, as the ruins of Midgar now play host to many dangerous creatures and criminal organisations. The city prevails though, as the Shin-Ra military forces help keep the streets and immediate outskirts safe by constantly patrolling for trouble and quickly eliminating any monster that would trespass.

Kalm - Returned to it's former glory by the Shin-Ra inc after the meteor fell from the sky, the mining town is said to be seeing its best years. With new job opportunities opening everyday at the mithril mines, the less fortunates see their lives shine anew. Even though Kalm is much, much smaller in size than Edge, it s quickly expending and is worldwidely known as Edge's sister city.

Boko Town - A large farming town that originated around the famous Chocobo Farm when Midgar was destroyed and that food supplies went empty, Boko town, much like Edge and Kalm, has received aid from Shin-Ra inc before seeing its finances soar and becoming the world's leading natural food and chocobo eggs exporter. It suffered for a short while because of Shin-Ra's lack of manpower due to their defenses being split between 3 cities instead of 2, Boko town saw its problem solved when the ex-rebels turned mercenaries from Fort Condor offered their services to Shin-Ra, their now reformed ex-enemies.

Southern Plains + Fort Condor - 4 years ago, after Midgar was destroyed and Shin-Ra changed its ways, the rebels of Fort Condor deserted it, leaving the war thorn hills behind them. Now a ghost fort, the few small rest outposts along the road that leads to Junon and temporary camps set up by the wild tribes are the only civilised spots of the southern plains.

Junon - While Junon didn't suffer directly from the tragedy that occured, its military and political powers were left frozen after the events and so... the upper city was overtaken by crime and depravity and still is to this day... so much in fact that the upper levels have been shut down to all civilian access and now serve as shelter for the wealthy and base of action for the military forces. This civil war has been tearing Junon appart for 4 years now, and sometimes seems like it may never come to an end.

The Western Continent

Corel - After the energy crisis that the meteor brought, Corel quickly saw its status and business rise from the dead, as the need for coal skyrocketed, after only a year, the town was entirely built back and is currently expending into a larger city as the financial entrepreneurs of Corel united under one banner and expanded their field of action to Oil refining as well, making the Corel Energy Company the third most powerful energy company in the world...after Shin-Ra Inc and Silverburg Enterprises.

Gold Saucer and Desert Prison - The Gold Saucer remains the number 1 worldwide amusement spot, and now that the world seems to be getting richer its financial state is soaring at incredible speed. Meanwhile, on the level below, within the large desert... the desert prison remains the same, as criminals are sent there and left to fend for themselves in a violent and dangerous atmosphere.

Costa Del Sol - Still the number one vacation spot, Costa Del Sol has seen its size and population soar from the troubles in Junon, but with a larger size also came a few criminal organisations, mostly ones that deal with prostitution and drugs. Costa Del Sol is now owned by Silverburg Enterprises who is trying to straighten things up.

Gongaga/Silverburg - The small village of Gongaga was bough by a business woman named Denise Silverburg after the events that occured 4 years ago. It was slowly rebuilt into a rather large commercial city that housed the refugees from Nibbleheim who were hired by Denise Silverburg to work for her new hydro-electrical company. In only 4 years, the small town grew into a large city where everyone and their grandmother works for Silverburg Enterprises... 1 year ago, Gongaga was even renamed as Silverburg... a clean city built in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. Silverburg enterprises quickly arose in both financial and military power, and even if it is still far from being as powerfull as Shin-Ra, the new energy company certainly is on the right path.

Nibbleheim - The cursed town of the western continent was once a peacefull little haven, that was until the events that happened in midgar 4 years ago. On that fated day, it is said that freakish creatures swarmed down from the mountains, killing all in their path. They chased the villagers and took over the town and mountains, the menace was so grave that the authorities of Rocket Town condemned the mountain path that separated them from Nibbleheim. The town was declared offzone and nobody dares approach it. Traveling issues between the north and south have been made possible by airships and a new road that was build on the eastern side of the continent.

Cosmo Canyon - The center of all studies of the planet and life, Cosmo Canyon remained mostly unchanged even after all that has happened in the last few years.

Rocket Town - Home to famous scientists and engineers, Rocket Town has partnered itself with Kalm and Corel to create a travel company and also to sell and export airships all over the world. Along with Costa Del Sol, Cosmo Canyon and Corel, Rocket town is one of Silverburg Enterprises' biggest clients. The small town has also grown in the past few years as it has more than a few jobs to offer... it even hosts the largest airport ever constructed, only followed in size by the ones in Junon and Edge.

The Other Continents

Mideel - Mideel was rebuilt near the Temple of the Ancients by Silverburg Enterprises and made into an archeology and ancient history's studies town. Very few people know this town even exists as it is so drawnback and not open to tourism.

Wutai - The Westernmost warrior city, capital of martial arts; Wutai remains mostly unchanged to this day. Wutai is also the third most popular touristic spot after Costa Del Sol and the Gold Saucer.


The End, so if you're interested, leave a comment here or add me on msn or aim ( Details in my LJ profile )
And be sure that you're REALLY interested and are free on SUNDAY evenings before adding me.
Character Creation informations will be sent to you when they are ready.
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