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Advent Children; omg_ac

The newest OMG rp, omg_ac, has finally open to accept applications! Based off of such popular rps as omg_maou and omg_loveless this one is just as fun guaranteed.

Hojo is alive, and due to one of his experiments there are clones appearing everywhere! There are two Cloud Strifes, two Tifas, everyone seems to have aquired a double. Not only that, the clones have a mindset all their own, most are the polar opposite of the originals.

Aeris and Zack have returned to lend everyone a helping hand, and Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo, and Sephiroth are back to torment the world once again. Unfortunately, the only fighting one Kadaj is doing is with Aeris and over flowers!

And so the question, "if you have sex with your clone, does that make it masturbation?" comes into play.
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