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Thoughts about SHM and reunion

Two days ago, I finally watched FF7:AC. SQUEEEEE!
*cough*. After much fangirling and geeking I needed to find like-minded people, so here we are. I've read this community's last month of posts and comments (I laughed so hard at times, you know who you are) and unless it was f-locked, I don't believe that this was discussed.

Reunion was never carried out completely. I wondered how much more supped up Sephiroth would have been if everyone with Geostigma, all 3 SHM and Jenova's head/neck/belly-button had "reunited". Thoughts?

Also, I believe that Sephiroth's personality carries some traces of whichever SHM pokevolves into him. Kadaj liked to make these extravagant and oh-so-melodramatic speeches (Kneeling before Rufus, preaching it to kids near Forgotten Capital, etc. etc. etc.) and when Sephiroth pops up, he cannot stop himself from spouting classic villain taunts. Yes, yes, I know that he made those before in the game, but you haven't read my circular reasoning yet.

Sephiroth dies, he soul/spirit/ka fragments, those fragments turn into separate Spirits, each fragment can return to a whole with a little help from Kassan, Sephiroth reappers.

Now if say Loz had reunited with Jenova instead of Kadaj, would that aspect of Sephiroth's personality be more prominent? Would Sephiroth say things like "Let's play, Cloud." and "Don't you dare insult Mother! *sniff*"?

If it had been Yazoo, would Sephiroth been more of a silent badass and say "..."? I don't remember much of what he said, but I'm sure it would be something.

Another thought of mine is that only people close to the lifestream, i.e. the young and those that were near death (Cloud and Rufus) will catch geostigma.

At lastly, most of what I've enjoyed has been mentioned before, but I must underline the fact that Rufus is a complete and total badass. He stood there when Diamond Weapon's magic missiles hurled themselves at the Sister Cannon(?) and I wept for the guy. When it turns out that he's the man with the security blanket, I couldn't contain my joy. He had the box o'Jenova with him the entire time and played Kadaj for a sap. Standing up, throwing that sucker into the air, then jumping off the building himself had me keening in fangirl love. But what most impressed me is later when he's sitting in the wheelchair again. His being messed-up wasn't an act, after all. Wonder how bad it hurt to pull off bullet time. Maybe he missed so much, because he couldn't see out of his left eye for real. Hmm *wanders in thoughts*

Anyway, I love this community and all the nifty treats it gives.
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