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Windows customisation via Astonshell with FFVII: Advent Children theme!

Download Astonshell

Download Astonshell Advent Children theme (screen resolution is 1280*1024 so on smaller screens, elements might be too big, but it looks fine on my 1024*768 resolution. Also, on smaller resolutions, you'll need to adjust some of the elements to get them on the screen, but that's easy enough).

-- How to fix it if you're using a different resolution:

After installing everything, you'll need to:

Right click desktop --> Settings

Select Plugins, then Right click Panel.plg, then select "Setup plugin." Adjust the x coordinates (mine is set to 65)

Then select desktop, and in the right hand box, you'll see the three tabs that show up on screen.

My computer tab is set to X=0, Y=575
Network is set to X=0, Y=650
Exit is disabled

Click "apply"

These numbers will be different if you're using something other than 1024*768, but it should be easy enough to figure out just by changing the numbers.

Then pick out whatever wallpaper you like

Have fun!

Screenshot of my desktop for the curious.
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