One Winged Angel (ademoninside) wrote in adventchildren_,
One Winged Angel

mmm looking for a particular screen shot. Can anyone help me?

I'm looking for a certain shot, and can't find it. hehe I even looked through that site that people always post on here when a screen shot request is made (just gonna hope you know what site I'm talking about because I don't want to link to it), but the shot I'm looking for isn't there. I'm looking for a shot of the Sephiroth V. Cloud fight of Sephiroth flying towards Cloud right BEFORE he bitch slaps Cloud into that building. I've looked and can't find it and VLC is horrible for taking Screen caps (or at least I can't do it). I want one of Sephiroth Flying towards Cloud...I'd actually like a couple, and if you can manage to get a shot of the actual hit that sends Cloud through the building that'd be great. any help would be greatly appreciated, and I haven't seen any shots of this particular instant posted on the community yet, but if I've missed it can you please direct me to it? Thanks
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