Chibi (brichibi) wrote in adventchildren_,

First post, with icons

Hello everyone!  My name is Chibi and I wanted to say hi to all the people in this community  *bows down*  and that was a lame introduction.

I just joined yesterday I think, after discovering this place.  I have seen the beauty that is Advent Children and anxiously await the dvd (here in the US) so I can hold it in my hands.  I made some icons from the movie and I wanted to share them with everyone  *listens to everyone groan over more icons*  Hope you all enjoy them anyway  ^__^;;;  Feel free to use and blah blah blah.

One of them does contain a spoiler.  Oh!  And there's a fake screencap I made for Rude/Reno (so yaoi warning for that)







Spoiler Icon:




Yaoi screencap:


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