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Updated Cast List - Fandub Parody

Here's the updated cast list as of today. The actors are awesome and I'm really looking forward to the finished project. The planned unveiling of the project is at Tekkoshocon 2006, though that still isn't finalized. However, a Tekkoshocon staff member has already expressed interest. So I think it's favourable. If you'd like it to be shown there, please make sure to contact the people who run Tekkoshocon! This also applies to all other conventions, as I'd like to make sure everyone gets to see our work. Also, the one at Tekkoshocon/Convention versions (if shown) will be the high-quality remastered perfect version, while the innitial release will be available much earlier.

Voice Actor Credits (Listed by LJ name):

deadly__claris - The Narrator

(OPEN) - Tseng
teneshi - Elena
encodedfate - Reno
zomg_blm - Rude
(OPEN) - Rufus

esques - Cloud
kotono - Tifa
mimi_sardinia - Aeris
daishiispretty - Yuffie
chankaylore - Cait Sith
(OPEN) - Cid
(OPEN) - Vincent
(OPEN) - Barret

cyberhell - Denzel
lunarwolf2002 - Marlene
taken - Moogle Girl
(OPEN)(x5) - Other Children
(OPEN)(x10) - Midgar Citizens

mistress_yuna - Jenova
krichira - Kadaj
palais - Yazoo
(OPEN) - Loz
(OPEN) - Sephiroth

"It's Reno" Theme Song -
deadly__claris and zomg_blm
Background Music - The Turks Theme

Staff Credits (Listed by LJ name):
ladybiggs - Credits and Title Designer
encodedfate - Encoding, Clipping, Mixing, Director, Casting, Script Staff
lunarwolf2002 - Advertising, Website Management
sekido - Script Staff
teneshi - Advertising, Convention Staff Relations, Project Financing

(Sample of "It's Reno" to be posted here soon.)
Also, on a side note, the Advent Children Forums are now open to be read by non-members to entice prospective members to join.
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