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Translation for the Dynamic Duo.

Howdy. I’m on a mission, and in need of desperate aid. Well, not so desperate, but if anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

I’m one of those bloody twits who brought Advent Pieces the precious, and it seems that the Bonus Disk contains scenes from the original trailers and lengthened scenes that were chopped for the movie. There are two extended scenes between Sephiroth and Cloud, and I’m going bonkers trying to understand what they’re saying. So, if one does understand Japanese, please donate your services. Please keep in mind that these are just written down by ear, and could contain extreme grammatical errors – stupid computer and its lack of Japanese text support. I haven’t done Japanese for well over two years and my dictionary was ‘borrowed’ by an acquaintance, so I’m rather rusting and flubbing through the sentence patterns.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS, so it’s under an LJ-cut:



CLOUD: kodomo no koro anta wa ore no i yo da ta.

SEPHIROTH: kore da na.

[I’m guessing Cloud is saying something about the children, and the Sephiroth is affirming/agreeing with his statement.]


SEPHIROTH: omae no kurimono kanai i te da.

CLOUD: kiyotsu ka wa nai de kure.

[My brain is broken. Let’s just say Sephiroth is being a prick, because Cloud became rather snippy with him.]

Thank you very much for any possible help, and keep on trucking. Literally. Somebody steal me a truck.


EDIT: We have a winner, ladies and gents! Okay, make that two, and the first one is so very canon. Heh-heh-heh. Brought to you by jen0va99 who finds things in wonderful places and translates l33t-edly. [One day, I swear, I'm going to get someone to tell me what 'l33t' means. Gah!]

...and people say Cloud/Sephiroth isn't canon. Pah. Hell in a handbasket, baby. With a truck.


Cloud: "Kodomo no koro, anta wa ore no eiyuu (n') datta." / "You were my hero when I was a child."(...Cloud, dude, seriously. Knock it off already, Sephiroth is insane, he doesn't care, stop crying about it because you're giving us fangirls more fodder than what's necessary ~_~;)
Sephiroth: "Kouei da na." / "Then it's an honor."
Cloud: "Mou mukashi to wa chigaun da yo!" / "It's not the same as back then anymore!"

Sephiroth: "Omae e no okurimono o kangaete ita..." / "I've thought of a gift to give you..."
Cloud: "Ki o tsukawanai de kure!" / "Don't fuss over me!" ("Don't worry about my needs!")
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