sarcasm extraordinaire (almostsurprised) wrote in adventchildren_,
sarcasm extraordinaire


With the new scans added, new details have emerged from the JUMP magazine where the scans originated from. To prove fact, Tifa Lockheart and the Turks are indeed making their debut in Advent Children, proving to have a strong role.

The names of the three mystery men were also announced, having quite funny names. Rods ( Rozu ) is the man with the short hair, the second one with hair down to his shoulders is Kaddish ( Kadaju ) and the one with the longest hair is Yazoo ( Yazu. )

The article also explains tie-in's between characters. Conflict will arise between Vincent and the Turks, Cloud and Yazoo ( whom he is seen fighthing against in the new scans ) Tifa and Rods, and now also confirmed to be appearing in AC, Marlene with previously announced returning character, Barrett. The article also confirms that Advent Children will see a Summer 2004 release in Japan.


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