Kim (sumeragiskank) wrote in adventchildren_,

Perverted fanpeople unite?

Having seen the movie and needing people of like persuasions, anyone else get beaten over the head by pairing possibilities? The entire movie is essentially fanservice, in many many easily to interpret ways.

Especially Rude and Reno, who I think managed to steal the entire movie by being the cutest little odd couple. I found myself wishing Cloud would quit his emo wangsting so we could get back to Turks action. The broken nose, the broken sunglasses, the long suffering sighs, the "aibou". All of it was adorable, and they are so married. I would love anyone who could produce recs to good fic for them. A lot.

I was fortunate enough to watch the movie with a large number of anti-Aeris fanboys, which made me snicker a hell of a lot. Even more amusing is that they all were rooting for Zack/Cloud. He did die for Cloud first, and aww, I love the wolf watching over him.

Sephy, I love him, but really, he's fruitier than a bowl of Fruit Loops. I rather liked the kneeling and begging for forgiveness line, and the suitably dramatic end which I felt firmly established Sephiroth as a misplaced CLAMP character.

Wasn't expecting myself to be thinking of Loz/Yazoo, but I like the way they fought together and thus had thoughts, and Kadaj was too busy being histrionic and thinking of ways to make Cloud wangst to really be as slashy with his counterparts.

Also, Cid and Vincent in the same scene together was enough for me. *coughs*
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